Rookie Recruiter

Rookie Recruiter

Linium Staffing is dedicated to providing both customers and potential recruits with tips, tricks, hints, best practices and more - on how they can reach their full potential to get the employee they need or a job they will love. Watch Linium's Rookie Recruiter videos below to get started today!

Don't be a Debbie Downer!
Attitude is key - your first impression is your one and only chance to make an impact on your recruiter.  Make sure you leave your baggage at home and come in with the true worker in you! View the full-size video on YouTube, Click here now >>

Leave a Message...
Sometimes the easiest tasks are the ones we forget. When calling someone, make sure you leave a message. That person will be grateful that you let them know what you were looking for and that they will be able to return your call!
Back2School - Application Process
Anytime you are applying for a job - there is an application involved. It is important to complete all the information on that form - it is asked for a reason!

Picking The Right References
Why would you want a hiring manager or recruiter to call a reference that is going to say bad things about you?!? Make sure you provide a solid reference - watch how! View the full-size video on YouTube, Click here now >>

Be On Time!  Don't Get Lost!
GPS is good but back up directions and confirmations with directions from someone who knows is better! Make sure you are prepared and do a test run. Only way to get the job is to get to the interivew!
Keep It Classy!
From email addresses, to voicemails - how you reach out to a recruiter/hiring manager is a huge indicator of the level of your professionalism. So remember…Keep it Classy!

Don't Stalk Your Recruiter
There is a right way and a very very wrong way to follow up after you submit your resume to a job. Here are tips on how to always put your best foot forward without making the hiring manager wish for a restraining order! View the full-size video on YouTube, Click here now >>

Apply For Jobs Your Qualified For
This week the Rookie Recruiter coaches candidates on applying for the job that matches their skill sets
How To Get a Job This Year!
Rookie Recruiter is showing you the tips on how to get a job this year. We are going back to the Hollywood style of getting a gig. Its all in who you know! Network network Network!

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