December 2010

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Linium Gives Back

 This year Linium will be participating in our second annual Thanksgiving Food Drive in November. During this time, food and other related items will be collected at the Linium office and will be distributed to the less fortunate families in the Capital District just in time for Thanksgiving.  Last year we collected 528 pounds of food and we hope to beat that record this year.  Additionally, Linium's staffing division added to this initiative by providing a bag of groceries for every job order we received in the month of December.  That program generated an additional 38 bags of groceries for the holiday season. 

Food Pantries for the Capital District is a coalition of 46 food pantries working together to serve hungry people through the member food pantries. They support these pantries by purchasing, collecting and delivering food.  They also provide a forum for networking, coordination of efforts, education and training.  They are a voice for the hungry and they never charge member pantries for what they provide.  To learn more please visit them online at


Due Diligence - It's Our Gold Standard

Finding that perfect candidate is what Linium specializes in. We take the time to learn about our client's culture and who would make the perfect fit.  We recruit with care, finding the talent, conducting a comprehensive interview, performing a complete skills assessment and completing reference checks of supervisors, peers and subordinates.  But it does not end there; regardless if the placement is for one day, one year or a direct hire with your firm we conduct a thorough criminal background check through our trusted partner, Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group.  Alliance Worldwide has developed customized services to fit all of Linium's recruiting and hiring needs.  Best of all, this is our standard practice and is available to you at no additional charge!  We are proud to be one of the only firms in the area that does not charge our clients for this service.  Our clients can rest easy knowing that we leave no stone unturned and that our referrals are completely vetted and fully guaranteed.


Myth Buster - Facebook & Privacy

You hear buzz words like "Social Media" and "Social Networking" every day.  Your company is trying to jump on the twitter band wagon but you are unsure of what the boundaries are, and where privacy meets public domain.  Fear not Facebook users - you can participate in engaging in the hippest new way to get the word out without compromising your profile's privacy.  In fact we encourage you!

Myth  - If you "LIKE" an organization, or a fan does not mean they can see your profile.  It simply means that you will see their updates in your personal news feed when you log in, and that their Fan Page will appear in your "Likes" column.  As long as you have set your privacy settings, they will remain how you have locked them in. 

It started about 10 years ago, when bands and comedians wanted to connect directly with their fans.  So they did.  They created public profiles on sites like MySpace and Facebook to break down the fourth wall and literally reach out and hold conversations with their audience.  Fast forward to present day and we use the term "Fan" on Facebook so that you can declare your appreciation for such things as Conan "Coco" Obrien, rallying to get Betty White onto SNL and even local campaigns like the newly founded "Schenectady Tweet-up".   Companies not involved in the entertainment industry and local meet ups want to have the same connection Hollywood does.  We want to reach out and update you on all the wonderful news around our water cooler.  We are paving the way to coach candidates on how to land that coveted job, partnering with our clients and showing them the most innovative way to find the newest member of their team and sometimes we just want to say "Good morning."  Become our fan on Facebook - we promise you will have a "good morning".

December 2010

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Linium Celebrates a Decade
Did you know that Linium celebrated its 10 year anniversary this past April?  As part of this celebration, we have been engaged in a yearlong branding initiative that we hope to launch by year's end.  Look for our new and updated website, our new theme and logo coming soon. 

We are proud of the service we have provided over the past 10 years and look forward to continue to serve our clients and the community in the Capital Region and beyond!

It's a Big Deal!

BUT... we need your help!  Who do we give our gift to?  Please nominate your favorite charity today; the organization that receives the most votes will receive our gift.  You do not need to make a placement to nominate your charity so please let us know who you think is deserving this holiday season.

Help us meet our gift giving goals by hiring Linium Staffing to be your recruiting partner this month!  Call Staci Grandy at 518-689-3147 to start the hiring process.

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